Our Mission

To provide exceptional training and coaching services to businesses and organisations that will realise significant performance improvement and return on investment for clients.

Our Team

Trainer Profile:
Stuart Mitchell

With more than 20 years of local and international experience in designing and delivering organisational development initiatives Stuart is recognised for having a straightforward, refreshing presentation style that combines skilful facilitation with real-life success in business and community services. He has developed a reputation for providing people with motivation, focus and clarity in a sincere and engaging manner.

In July 2018 Stuarts primary focus turned towards delivering mental health related programs. Having delivered leadership programs for many years he has been convinced that providing managers with practical information about common mental illnesses, so that you can identify risks in the workplace and provide assistance, provides the best ROI in terms of the allocation of the training and development budget. After all, most performance related problems are related to mental health problems and yet most managers still default to performance management techniques and processes, with limited success. 


Stuart previously provided regular training and coaching for Business Networking International (BNI) teaching business people how to grow their business through referrals and networking. In 2007 he was invited by the founder of BNI, Dr Ivan Missner, to contribute an essay which was published in his bestselling book titled “Masters of Sales”.

As a therapist or coach Stuart applies a combination of depth psychotherapy and everyday coping strategies, helping people make sense of complex experiences and teaching them the skills to take control of their lives again.


Qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Social Science, Diploma of HR Management, Principal Master Mental Health First Aid Trainer and a Certificate IV Training and Assessment. Currently completing a Masters in Counselling

Trainer Profile:
Jack O'Leary

Jack is many things: A Dad, a musician and one of the key members of our team at Northern Rivers Training. Jack is very approachable, easy to connect with and social; a typical Irishman you might say! At the same time, he is also highly reflective and very much enjoys a good philosophical conversation.

Jack is a professional and experienced clinical supervisor, person-centred psychotherapist, and creative arts therapist specialising in helping clients to overcome depression and anxiety. Experience has taught him that ‘talking it out’ is often insufficient. In this, he has managed to combine two great loves – music and psychotherapy. He passionately believes that people can overcome challenges and obstacles provided the right conditions are created. As a highly sought-after relationship and family therapist, he helps clients to find clarity and move beyond conflict towards a more fulfilling partnership. He previously worked in the social services sector with The Family Centre in Tweed Heads as the coordinator of the Family and Relationship Services department.

Jack is a highly skilled, energetic, and very engaging facilitator who thrives on bringing people together to work as a team in the pursuit of achieving great outcomes. His total acceptance of people from all walks of life makes him equally comfortable working with a CEO from a large corporation as he is supporting a homeless person through a shattered life situation.

In his words: “My work with Northern Rivers Training is about enhancing the skills of people in organisations to better respond to the needs of their staff and clients.”

Qualifications include: Masters in Music Therapy, Higher Diploma Counselling Psychotherapy, BA Arts and Pastoral Theology (Honors)